ISHNE Sudden Cardiac Death World Wide Internet SymposiumISHNE Sudden Cardiac Death World Wide Internet Symposium
Opening Speech
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To all our colleagues from more than 100 countries who are participating in this World Wide  Internet Symposium on Sudden Cardiac Death, we WELCOME YOU! I am pleased and honored to chair this fascinating and challenging topic using the most modern electronic approach to reach a world wide audience.  Once again we begin this academic activity within the framework of the Activity of Continuing and Distance Medical Education of ISHNE.

We hope that the high level of the presentations given by outstanding world authorities in the field of sudden cardiac death (SCD), as well as by the  importance and timeliness of the topics addressed, will meet your expectations.

Written lectures, interviews, webcasts, presentation of clinical cases, and the possibility of interacting through discussion Forums, will constitute the essence of this Symposium as we present an update on the most important topics in the area of SCD.  As you are aware, SCD remains a major challenge in today’s modern society. Thus, topics related to Epidemiology, Etiology, Clinics, Mechanisms, Risk Factors, Pathology, Genetics, Prevention and Management including pharmacological, devices, ablation, and surgery constitute the topics to be covered in this complex area.

Because establishing permanent scientific links within the international community as well as being able to communicate in a more comprehensive fashion, we will offer the opportunity of choosing most activities in five languages –English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese.

Recognizing the high quality of this Symposium, we offer the option for participants to obtain Continuing Medical Education credits (CME credits). Obtaining such credits is the best way for viewers to achieve a personal evaluation, as well as to evaluate the Symposium in general.

Forty-one members of our faculty, along with 20 experts from all over the world, will provide their contributions to the different thematic areas. We express our thanks to all of them.
We also want to thank Medtronic as the official sponsor of the meeting and especially the Medtronic managers, Ross Meisner and Hugo Fagioli, because they readily understood the importance of  this project and supported it from the beginning.

Once again, by organizing this meeting through the Internet, we are expressing our confidence in the immense power of this medium as a tool to transmit knowledge.  

With these brief introductory comments I now declare that the activities of this World Symposium are open.
Now, I invite you go forth to learn!

Douglas P. Zipes, Silvia Priori, Sergio Dubner, Edgardo Schapachnik, Wojciech Zareba, Andrés R. Pérez Riera, Branco Mautner, Li Zhang