ISHNE Sudden Cardiac Death World Wide Internet SymposiumISHNE Sudden Cardiac Death World Wide Internet Symposium
Closing Speech
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We have come to the end of the Symposium, with numerous lectures, clinical cases, and interviews at an extremely excellent level. We also have quite a lot of questions from different places in the world, and answered by experienced guest colleagues.

This type of fluid contact about specific topics - the most important of which address real patient issues that are the focus of what we do-- enables the exchange of ideas about individual cases among the investigators and experts, something very difficult to do in many conferences.

The discussion of some aspects of guidelines about sudden death recently published by the ACC, AHA, and ESC, coordinated by Dr. D. Zipes and other lecturers from this symposium, has been very useful to understand; we have even been pioneers in their translation into Chinese.

As usual, the ISHNE feels proud to be able to organize this unique and distinct academic event, through which we make a contribution to continuing and long distance medical education in the world, updated daily.

We would like to thank Dr. Silvia Priori, Co-Chairman of this symposium, Drs. Andres Perez Riera, Li Zhang and Branco Mautner, who participated in the coordination, and all the lecturers that provided content, all the experts who provided questions and answers at a distinguished level, and of course to all the participants, who with their clinical cases, doubts and questions -the essential basis of this symposium- have generated the replies from the experts.

We would also like to thank our team of "unknown people", those who are behind the screens, because without them this would have been impossible to fulfill: our audio and video technical coordinators, experts in networks, programmers, translators, secretaries, and maintenance operators. For all of them, thank you very much.

Finally, we would also like to thank Medtronic, and especially its managers, Ross Meisner and Hugo Fagioli, who shared this educational idea and provided their unconditional support.

To all of them, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and we share the wait for our next symposia on long QT induced by drugs, chaired by Dr. Wojciech Zareba, and Atrial Fibrillation II, chaired by John Camm.

Doug, Sergio and Ed